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Six different private reserved hot springs filled with konpura hot springs.For couples, couples, and families.

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Hotel Name

This is a hot spring hot-spring bath


685-21 Kotohira Town, Nakatado County, Kagawa Prefecture

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15 minutes by car from Takamatsu Expressway Zentsuji IC on Takamatsu Expressway Zentsuji IC, 40 minutes by car from Tokushima Expressway Ikawa IC on Tokushima Expressway Ikawa IC / 5 minutes walk from JR Kotohira Station / Kotoden Kotohira Station

Pick-up presence (condition)
※If you call us when you arrive at JR Kotohira Station or Kotoden Koto Hira Station, we will pick you up in 2 to 3 minutes.

Parking:Present(1 night / 1 car / 500 yen)※Two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles are 300 yen per vehicle

After check-out, you can park your car until noon on the day.

Please use it for visiting Kompirasan.
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2 parking lots for exclusive use of the hotel

  • For customers arriving by SUV or minivan

    We have a large parking lot available.SUV,10 minivans available
    Please park along the wall with your head facing forward.

2nd parking lot

  • Kotone second parking lot

    You can park 4 cars in the second parking lot.

    When parking, please park from the back in order of No. 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Shikoku hot spring resort in Kagawa

  • Konpira Onsen Kotone Spring Kotone

    Konpira Onsen Reserved Hot Spring Inn is a quiet ryokan where you can enjoy six different reserved private hot spring baths until you check out.
    It is a family bath that can be used by a variety of people, from couples, couples, families with children, and those who want to use it without worrying about their eyes.
    Kotohira Town, celebrates those who visited pleasant tranquility in the Urasando away from Omotesando of the hustle and bustle of Kompirasan
    You can also use the indoor bath and open-air bath of the sister inn "Kotohira Yachiyo Hotel", which is a 1-minute walk away.
    Please enjoy 6 private baths and baths of 2 buildings with different spring quality to your heart's content.

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10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.