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Private Bath

- A wonderful memory, with you and me

The inn Kotone charter hot water we offer a private bath that six of the flavor is different.
For all guests, all six private baths are available free of charge.

If you bring each room key holder, you can enter freely in the vacant private bath any number of times.
Please enjoy the hot spring in the facility to your heart 's content.

Konpira Shiawase Rokuyu ⇒ From check-in until check-out (free private bath)

Introduction of reserved hot water

  • wa-no-yu

    It is a pure Japanese style bath with tatami mats.In addition, we have slopes, so people with wheelchairs and people with disabilities can also use it with confidence.
  • muku-no-yu

    It is a bath full of natural flavor, drifting the fragrance of the peach tree.
  • shiro-no-yu

    It is a bath with a feeling of openness of granite making.
  • midori-no-yu

    Towada Ishi a calm atmosphere bath using Towada Ishi.
  • Sakura-no-yu

    It is a modern chic bath using mosaic tiles.
  • ao-no-yu

    Taisho Roman style designer's bath.Because it is a large bath, you can use it with your family.Also, we have a slope for this bath.

Hot Springs

Konpira Onsen Town
Hot spring name: Chikoin Onsen
Spring quality: Simple radioactive cold spring
efficacy: Neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, fifty shoulders, stiffness of joints, etc.
Feature: It is a "Bunky-no-yu" well-known for its internal organs.

Private Bath

All six completely private baths.

Bath Terms of Use

I'd like one room with one hot water.(The bathroom interior lights up in the room key holder.) I am asking in 40 minutes to 50 minutes once.Since I think that I would like to take as long as possible the time that customers can use, garbage, towels etc. are sorry to trouble you but please take them home to the room.

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.